Corina Ungureanu

Corina Ungureanu (born August 29, 1980) is a world class Romanian gymnast who competed internationally between 1993 and 1999.

After retiring from gymnastics, she sparked some controversy by posing nude for the January 2000 edition of Playboy Romania. These pictures were reprinted in Playboy Japan in May 2000 and led to her producing a nude photobook, Corina Ungureanu Photograph Collection, in Japan later that year. In 2002, along with former teammates Lavinia Milovici and Claudia Presecan, Ungureanu appeared in two Japanese DVDs. Gold Bird and Euro Angels, which included scenes of the three gymnasts performing gymnastics routines topless. A second nude photobook appeared at the same time. A number of photographs from the photobook and DVDs were subsequently published in the Japanese magazine Shukan Gendai. An edited version of the DVDs entitled 3 Gold Girls was released in Germany in 2004.

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